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I’m back from the dead… or just an extended absence…

Wednesday 16th May 2012

Hello my faithful imaginary followers!!!

It has been so long! So since last time i wrote some stuff has happened which i will list in no particular order.

1) Went on the most amazing band camp to Mount Gambier in South Australia for the ‘Generations In Jazz Festival.’ 

2) Discovered that if you put a Mintie at the top of your mouth behind your teeth and talk, it sounds hilarious 

3) Learnt that the Hunger Games is the awesomest thing ever (not that I didn’t already know that)

4) Got a boyfriend (I know… It’s shocking)

5) Ate an apple

There is more small insignificant stuff but they, as I said, small and insignificant.

'Till next time,

From My Name Is Not Bob

Friday the 13th

13th April 2012

Ha, so I just realised it was Friday the 13th today. Funny how you don’t notice these things.

Thanks for reading this very short post,

From My Name Is Not Bob

My Name Is Not Bob… Seriously MY NAME IS NOT BOB! DON’T CALL ME BOB!

13th April 2012

Hello faithful imaginary people! Nice to see you again!

So I have once again spent my entire day doing homework. And as you can guess, I am absolutely overjoyed that I get to spend the remaining two days of the holidays doing more. I’m being sarcastic by the way.

Eventually, my posts will get more interesting. Once i get back to school, stuff will actually happen.

I’m lost for what to write, and I don’t wanna sound even boring-er,

See ya,

From My Name Is Not Bob 

By My Name Is Not Bob


By My Name Is Not Bob

I Can’t Think Of A Title

13th April 2012

Bonjour, imaginary blog followers!

So right now I am about half way through one of my homework-breaks. I have been doing my crummy assignment pretty much all day. Ok, that is an exaggeration, considering this is only my first break and, as anyone who has read my previous posts would know, I work for an hour and a half then have a half hour break.

I also wanted to inform you that I have started up a second blog called ‘Music and Books and Movies and Carrots.’ With this blog I’m gonna review movies Iv’e seen, books I’ve read and album’s I’ve listened to. I’ll post a link soon.

So until next time,

Au Reviour! From My Name Is Not Bob

Farther Down- Neon Trees

I’ve been searching for days now

I’ve found something I lost
On a holy roller channel asking me whats the cost

On a couch in a cold room
Pouring salt in my wounds
I’m a mistake faking truth holding liars balloons
Make me fly for something more
You’ve been asleep for days now, 
Living inside your dreams
You know that aint no way to live or to handle such things

I wanna shake up your system
I wanna rattle your bones
I wanna take you to the stars 
And then I’ll leave you alone

I would meet you anywhere, but Ive been farther down
I saw you somewhere farther down,
Did I expect it?
Now I’m overcome with fear
Mama get me out of here
I’ve gone farther down than I ever wanna go.

Lighting up the horizon, 
To the city sky-lights
In a faded aspiration only left in our minds
Let us shake up the system,
Lets go and rattle their frames
Lets take the highest road away and avoid these trappings

I would meet you anywhere, but Ive been farther down
I saw you somewhere farther down
Did I expect it?
Now I’m overcome with fear
Mama get me out of here
Ive gone farther down than I wanna go

We stood out in the cold 
And your eyes, they ate my soul
Begged me to come back down, 
they begged me to come back down
Then the ground ate my legs, so I looked up to the sky and said
I don’t wanna go back down
Oh Ive been so far down
Heaven help me, heaven help me for the way I’ve been.

Farther down
Did I expect it?
Now I’m overcome with fear
Mama get me out of here

I’ve gone farther down than I ever, than I ever wanna go
Farther down, I saw you somewhere 
Farther down
Did I expect it
Now I’m overcome with fear
Mama get me out, mama get me out of here.

I Have A Legitimate Allergy To Homework

12th April 2012

Whenever I have an assignment I get sick. Seriously, every single time I have heaps of homework something will happen. About a month ago I had this English assignment that I had to finish in one weekend, and then I got the flu, missing several days of school the following week. Another time I had this Science assignment, where we had to study a famous scientist and then do a presentation in front of the class, and guess what? On the day that it was originally due I had lost my voice. But then the teacher extended the due date and changed practically the whole assignment because she is a confusing evil person like that. And now, there is my Humanities assignment, which has given me a splitting headache. I had a headache last night aswell, but it was ‘cos my brain knew that I had a full day of work ahead of me.

To avoid to much pain, I have decided that I will do an hour and a half of work, then have a half hour break, then do more work etc. This system works, but also seems really flawed, because I swear I spent about a week (just a slight exaggeration there) writing before my break, and now the break is nearly half over. Why? Why does time go quickly when you want it to take its time? Why?!

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Shhhh… This is a Secret Post

12th April 2012

Once again, hello Imaginary Blog Followers!

So right now I’m supposed to be doing my homework. Supposed to be. It’s this seemingly never-ending assignment about child labour, or child soldiers or child prostitution, or any other issues relating to the rights of a child. I chose child labour and, don’t get me wrong it is a horrible thing that needs to be stopped, and I think we should all contribute to the efforts against it, but it starts to lose its interesting-ness after you have written three pages of tiny (and I mean tiny. Really, really tiny) notes.

Already, this posting every day business isn’t working. But I was busy yesterday, and am doing my homework now (wink, wink.)

I probably should get back to work.

Until next time,

From My Name Is Not Bob


10th of April 2012

Yes, I know I’ve already posted today, but there are no laws about posting more than once. I could just keep posting… and posting… and posting… and posting until tumblr overloads and my computer blows up. Mwahahaha. But then I wouldn’t have a computer or tumblr, so that plan is slightly flawed.

Anyway, a package just arrived for me and it contained some stuff that I had ordered online. Namely, a blue beret (the beanie type, not the french type), a scarf, some finger-less gloves (which I must say make my hands very toasty warm, if somewhat tickley) and some black suspenders, ‘cos I’m cool like that. 

Bye bye,

From My Name Is Not Bob